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Tarilon is led by Paul Whitlock. With a degree in computer science from Northern Illinois University, he began his career as a software engineer. Early on, he realized that even though he enjoyed technology, he liked helping people use and apply technology even more.

Ever since, he has held positions that in one way or another bridge the gap between the real world needs of people and organizations, and the technology that can make things better.

Paul bought his first Macintosh while still a student at NIU along with a 1200 baud modem. A lot has changed since the “Fat Mac," but the elegance and power that were apparent back in 1986 are even more obvious in Apple’s current products. 

With a varied experience in industry, Paul brings broad insight and perspective to Tarilon and the engagements he works on. He has worked for computer manufacturers, such as Amdahl and Apple, internet startups including Healtheon/WebMD, as well as numerous consulting engagements.

He is an Apple Certified Systems Administrator.