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Partner Companies

When selecting partners, we look for the very best of breed partners that we know we can count on to deliver high value to our customers. Sometimes there's a clear undisputed winner and sometimes there's a very competitive space with a number of very good options. Whichever is the case, it isn't worth wasting time with sub-optimal partners.



Apple is our anchor partner, if you will, their passion for excellence and getting the technology out of the way so their customers can meet their goals has resulted in their incredible success. We share that passion for excellence and focus on life over technology. Apple makes the best desktop systems, phones & tablet devices bar none. We can help you make those devices serve your needs and achieve your goals.



The Microsoft Office Suite has been dominant for decades and Microsoft isn't resting on its laurels. Combined with the Office 365 cloud platform, Microsoft Office is a compelling option for individual & team productivity. At Tarilon, we have hosted our email with Office 365 for years now and we see it getting better all the time. For a small business with Mac, PC's, iPads, iPhones & mobile devices, Office 365 will let you be productive anytime, anywhere and we can help make that a reality for you. 



There are numerous cloud-based backup services these days but Cloud 42 is a stand-out in this quickly changing market. We use Crashplan ProE ourselves and deploy it for our customers too. Crashplan provides us the tools for a central dashboard to easily help all of our customers keep their backups current and restore data when needed. It also gives us the option of keeping a copy of your data in the Cloud and on a local device too. Crashplan ProE is their highest tier offering and allows each user to backup 4 separate devices.



Synology provides Network Attached Storage (NAS) that is keenly focused on the small & medium business market. It's a great option to help your team share files if cloud options aren't the right fit for you.



JAMF is the premier system management tool for the Macintosh & iOS users. The Casper Suite has supported Mac OS 10 since it's very earliest releases. Now with iOS mobile device management, JAMF is the best of breed for this too. If you have 10 or more devices and want to manage them centrally, the JAMF Casper Suite is a great solution. We also recommend JAMF's  Bushel service which is a cloud based mobile device management tool for groups up to 100.


We often find customers struggling with unreliable email syncing & poor service. Our response is to help them choose a reliable, business class, email provider and Rackspace is our first choice. Their reputation for availability & responsive technical support is well founded.