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Tarilon paved the way to a smooth transition from PC to Apple for our Architecture firm. Transferring and organizing the data to our new Mac OS X server was seamless and timely due to their expertise and diligence. We are enjoying the benefits of total technology integration. We can do what we need to anywhere anytime. We are able to effectively access our resources through iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and iMac. --Crest Hill customer


I was at my wits end when I purchased a new iMac and couldn't transfer the data from my old PPC to the new Intel system. It seemed like an easy thing to do, but the technologies just were not compatible! I "gave up" and called the consultant from Tarilon. He did a fantastic job not only solving my problems but also showing me tips and tricks to troubleshoot issues in the future. Responsive, quick, and efficient. --Naperville customer


At Apple, I worked extensively with Paul in the design and delivery of customer events to generate demand for server-based solutions. Paul's excellent people skills and technical depth enabled him to propose, specify, and close enough server sales for his territory to lead the country in both years that we worked together. He is a team player and his positive attitude is contagious. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. --Bill Duff,  Owner/Founder at WHD Consulting