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Managed Services

Let us partner with your business to provide ongoing, proactive support to help things run smoothly every single day of the year.

Concierge Service

You’re a busy professional. Let us help you manage your digital life. We use a holistic approach that takes into account your demanding business needs and personal computing requirements. 

JAMF Customization

 As a JAMF preferred integration partner, we can help you deploy and manage your Mac OS and iOS devices via the JAMF Casper Suite

Windows Integration

We can help you work more effectively with your PC peers. There are many different strategies for fitting into a PC world and we can help you pick the best approach, or combination of approaches, based on your specific needs. 

 If you have a number of Macs in a predominantly PC environment, we can help you leverage your investment in Microsoft’s Active Directory, even with your Macs. Also, we can deploy a Mac OS X server running open directory to give a mixed platform organization the best of both worlds using Apple’s “Golden Triangle” strategy.

Workflow Customization

We can help you and your team analyze and improve the workflow to maximize your businesses productivity and success. 

Mac OS X Server

Whether it’s running on a rack mounted Xserve or a Mac mini in a closet, Mac OS X server is a powerful Unix based network operating system. You can use it to support an internal group on your intranet or provide services on the external internet. A few of the services include:

  • Group calendar
  • Address Book Server
  • WiKi
  • Share Podcasts
  • Secure Chat Server
  • File server
  • Web services 
  • email.

Don’t let the power of Unix put you off, once OS X Server is properly installed and running smoothly, it isn’t hard to use day to day.

We have been helping people get the most out of Mac OS X server for years and we will be there to back you up when you need help. 

Backup Management / Disaster Recovery

Let us work with your team to create a plan for back up. Whatever your business, you can’t afford to be without a back-up plan. Lost data? We can help with recovery. 

Cloud Services

Let us help you manage your cloud based services--email, calendar, contacts. 

Executive Support

We provide personal, executive-level support to maximize the utilization of Apple’s technology.

Customized Training

iPhone, iPad, Cloud Services. We can provide customized training for your team, or one-on-one, to provide tailored assistance with an Apple product. 

Mobile Computing


Anytime, anywhere.

With your phone, laptop, or remote desktop, securely access your data from anywhere on the internet. We can help.